Classes have been very great. I am currently taking an Assembly class, Discrete math, Calculus, and another student lead CS course about linux. These classes have been super helpful and fun and I’m learning a lot!

  • My favorite topic in my Assembly class is implementing algorithms with bitwise operations.

  • My favorite part of Discrete math is set theory and number theory. I also really like proofs. I foresee proof writing being really helpful for math research in the future.

  • I really like Calculus. I am currently taking integral calculus and it’s been wonderful. My favorite topic is using integrals to calculate areas of shapes.

  • My student lead CS course has been great as well. I have been getting to use regex and unix tools more and that’s been helpful. I also learn about CUnit and it’s super great!

Clubly - AggieWorks

For the past few months, I have been leading a team of 10 software engineers as TPM to build a club discovery app called Clubly. Our code is currently closed source and will likely remain that way, but I can share the stack we are using.

This experience has been so amazing and I cannot say enough good things about AggieWorks as a whole. I have learned so much from my peers, they have been absolutely amazing.

For the backend, we are using Go and a framework called Fiber. For the frontend, we are using Svelte and Typescript. For the database, we are using postgresql.

These are all design decisions I am very happy about.

I have used a Go + Svelte stack twice before and it’s really nice. The first time was a trial run to test the stack. This project is called Best Next Step and can be found at The second was a project I made for the company I worked at over the summer of 2022 but I cannot share more detail than that.

There are a few learning takeaways from the early development of this project I would like to reflect on.

Firstly, planning out your architecture and design in the start saves massive amounts of time in the mid/end development stages. We started with our database design first. Answering the question of “What data do we have” and “How do we store it”. This lead us to designing the backend routes. This was the first month of development.

After this, we were able to move at light speed because we had confidence in our design and architecture. We have had no breaking changes in our design since, only small addendums. However, we remain able to change our data if it’s requested by shareholders.

In the last two months especially, we have been moving really quickly, getting tons of work done and I am so proud of the whole team. We have been deploying and testing since we started but our first publicly facing deployment will be on and in the next few weeks. (Now released!)

Using Git Post

I wrote a post about Git for my AggieWorks/Clubly team to reference. I may turn some of these ideas into a full post.

Future projects

I got the domain for a project I have been thinking about for a few weeks. So far, it’s a landing page with a simple design I made, but expect some updates sometime in the next few months. I think this will be a tool I use all of the time. I will start to pretotype this to see if it’s something I will use and if it’s something other people will use. I don’t foresee this being super popular with the general public, but it may be a tool for the people who use tools like notion to keep themselves organized.