Coming Soon - Devious Code Contest

I started the website for the soon to come Devious Code Contest found at This contest will happen sometime in the next year. The problems have been chosen and written but other details are still being decided.

satellite-c - Practice for writing satellite subsystems in C [link]

This was a super interesting project that is still in development. I join a club called Space and Satellite Systems and we will be writing code for a satellite in C.

/* Build the task list and alloc the first chunk for the internal array */
struct TaskList *build_tasklist() {
    struct TaskList *l = malloc(sizeof(struct TaskList));

    l->size = 8;
    l->index = 0;

    return l;

/* Allocate the internal array with the size */
void alloc_list(struct TaskList *l) {
    l->task_list = malloc(l->size * sizeof(struct Task));

/* Add 8 to the size so that the alloc_list do so in chunks */
void add_list_chunk(struct TaskList *l) { l->size += 8; }

/* Add a task to the end of the internal array */
void add(struct TaskList *l, struct Task *t) {
    if (l->index == l->size) {

    l->task_list[l->index] = t;

/* Get a task from the end of the internal array */
struct Task *pop(struct TaskList *l) {
    if (l->index == 0) {
        return NULL;

    return l->task_list[l->index];

int empty(struct TaskList *l) { return l->index == 0; }

Updating the LocalList [link]

I added some small UI changes to give it a more modern look. New more centered logo and better borders around the elements and below the search bar.

New on left - Old on right

Local List

readme - Create readme files with one command [link]

void create_readme(char *fname) {
    char cwd[PATH_MAX];

    if (getcwd(cwd, sizeof(cwd)) != NULL) {
        char *dirname = last_dir(cwd);

        FILE *f;
        f = fopen("", "w");

        if (f == NULL) {
            printf("Unable to create file.\n");

        fputs("# ", f);
        fputs(dirname, f);
        fputs("\n", f);
    } else {
        perror("getcwd() error.\n");