This month I had my finals and AP tests, all of which where a lot of work, but I still worked on some project and organized the first annual Da Vinci Game Jam for my school. Links to the resources for the workshops can be found here. The game jam was an overall success and we had many great game entries. This month I also worked on auto clock speed some more, adding a universal interface to all of the commands and other issues. I created a total of 44 commits on that project this month. GitHub summarizes this month with ‘Created 238 commits in 26 repositories’, I also created 13 repositories this month, two for the game jam, one related to a possible future auto-clock-speed side project, two about my statistics class, two about my link shortener project, two related to JABACAT (Group of programmers), and one as a tool to help view csv files that I might release sometime next month.