HackDavis - Hackathon

HackDavis is a hackathon group on UC Davis campus and organizes coding events.

AggieWorks Presentation - Workshop

I presented a workshop with a group of other AggieWorks Product Managers about Product Management. I specifically talked about software development practices, agile, using git collaboratively, and other high level technical product manager topics and advice.

My hackdavis project

I didn’t have much time to write my project so I allocated an hour to work on it. My project slogan is Send a positive message to an Aggie! Simple can be powerful. It takes no effort to share kindness.. I am very proud of the idea here and I really liked experimenting with the OpenAI API to moderate messages.




The backlight brightness changing has not been working on my Arch Linux laptop and no tools could change the brightness, so I built my own tool. I have it the over-the-top acronym sxbsbamdws.

OpenAI projects

So far, I have just experimented with the API to see how it can be used in the future. These are a lot of great tools to use here. I am very impressed. I remember using GPT2 when it came out on github in 2019 and running the docker for some text completion. It has come a long long way. I currently haven’t released any open source projects that include the use of the API but those are soon to be released.