What your setup should look like (git remote -v)

origin	git@github.com:JakeRoggenbuck/ClubApp.git (fetch)
origin	git@github.com:JakeRoggenbuck/ClubApp.git (push)
upstream	git@github.com:aggieworks/ClubApp.git (fetch)
upstream	git@github.com:aggieworks/ClubApp.git (push)

Getting information

# list the remotes
git remote -v
# check your staging area
git status
# check commits
git log

Update from latest

# make sure you are on your own main and don't have any current changes
git switch main

git pull upstream main

Before a feature/assignment/change

git switch main

git pull upstream main

git switch -c feature-name

Submitting a feature/assignment/change

# add all changed but prevously staged files
git add -u

git commit

git push origin feature-name