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  1. Assignments that crash immediately when run cannot be made up.
  2. All assignments will be due by the next lesson.
  3. Late assignments will be graded on a curve of 85% maximum.
  4. If you won’t be able to complete an assignment on time, slack Kate, Ludi, and/or Emily.
  5. We will not be telling you your exact grades. Instead, you will be given your grade on a “fail/needs work/pass” scale.
  6. If you have questions regarding grades, slack the graders in a DM.
  7. It is mandatory to redo homework until you receive a “pass”.
  8. You will be allowed to redo assignments for full credit only if rules 1 and 3 do not apply.
  9. You must ask or answer at least 2 pertinent questions during a lesson for full points on that day.
  10. All non-personal questions must be asked in #2_software_general or during worktime meetings.
  11. If you will not be able to attend a meeting, slack Ludi, Kate, and Emily least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

1. Functionality

  • Have you tested your code, including edge cases?
  • Does your code accomplish the assigned task?

2. Concepts

  • Does your code use only concepts previously taught by us?
  • Does your code use concepts relevant to the assignment?

3. Style

  • Does your code meet our style guidelines?
    • Double quotes
    • Proper indentation
    • Appropriate usage of snake**case and CapWords
    • Comment formatting
    • Naming conventions (may be given in assignment)