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Jake Roggenbuck
Jake Roggenbuck
I am currently studying Computer Science

Best Next Step

Keep track of where you are on projects and what your Best Next Step is.

Why #

Do you ever leave a project to focus on school, work, life, or other projects? The constant shifting from one project to another can lead to forgetting where to start up from. This app helps you keep track of your next steps and helps you plan ahead.

History #

This repository was created on Arpil 28th in 2019 but never was pushed to and no code was written. It remained empty for over three years. I still have concept art from that time and want to continue this project with the skills I have now.

Current update: Now this project has a full backend and frontend written with Gin Gonic and Svelte

Backend (Daft) #

For the backend, I am using Gin


Frontend (Impulse) #

For the frontend, I am using svelte


Old Concept Design #

Screenshot 2022-06-02 at 13-35-11 portfolio