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Adds functionality provided by the dwm “swallow” patch to bspwm.


  • bspwm (obviously)
  • xprop


Add two files to ~/.config/bspwm

  • noswallow - list of classes of windows that you don’t want to swallow the terminal

  • terminals - list of classes of terminals that you want to be swallowed

If a class isn’t available (such as with xev) then the command of origin can be used.

(example files are included in “examples”)

Place bspswallow into your PATH and add the following line to your bspwmrc.

(ps x | grep bspswallow | grep -v grep) || bspswallow

Now just restart bspwm and you’re good to go.

Known Issues

  • Incompatability with LibreOffice due to it having a splash screen and spawning multiple windows, use –no-logo when launching and turn off “Tip of the day” in order to avoid this issue.