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Cardinal is a web server that serves data from the frc1678/server project to the frc1678/viewer project.



There are two main uses for Cardinal. Both involve serving data to the Viewer app. The most important data that is sent is from the frc1678/server project and is current match and competition data. The second type of data is auto generated testing data.


  1. Export the value DJANGO_SECRET_KEY before running

    • This key needs to be completely original
    • This key should never be in git
    • You can use this command to generate a key
    dd if=/dev/urandom bs=60 count=1 | base64
  2. python3 migrate

    • Create and update the database
    python3 migrate
  3. python3 createsuperuser

    • Create the admin account used for making a auth token
    python3 createsuperuser
  4. Create an auth token

    • Run the server
    • Open the website at /admin
    • Log in
    • Create a new token
    • Copy that token into the request


  1. Make sure to finish with setup steps
  • Start the server (test)
  • Start the server (production)


API Usage


Test Data Generator

# Format
curl -X GET "<schema_name>/?format=json"
# Example
curl -X GET ""
# Example with count
curl -X GET ""


    "auto_high_balls_percent_inner": 89.7359,
    "tele_high_balls_percent_inner": 16.1893,
    "climb_all_success_avg_time": 96.7847,
    "team_name": "rNvKwQbEoMBnA",
    "climb_percent_success": 46.9206,
    "climb_all_successes": 13,
    "climb_level_successes": 8,
    "park_successes": 16,
    "auto_line_successes": 42,
    "team_number": 4665


1. System architecture & framework decision

- Decide what framework we will use
- Decide on the architecture (framework dependent)

2. Basic functioning system & initial tests

- Run the system on every developer's computer and troubleshoot
- Get automatic testing working with GitHub actions

3. Automatic test data generator API

- Fully generate data the view can use to test from this service
- Serve test data for Viewer to easily pull using REST standards

4. Serve current competition data

- Pull data from Mongodb about the current competition
- Setup views to serve this data
- Collect time deltas per user of when the last data was pulled
- Setup database for time deltas
- Create functionality to pull data that has been changed since last pull

5. Discuss specifics of hosting, etc.

- Where will we host this web server
	note: this isn't as time-sensitive as development

6. Help frontend integrate this API into Viewer. (Currently here)

- Create documentation on the API and it's proper use
- Support the Viewer's developers in their implementation efforts

7. Full systems test

- Run the server with test data from scouts
- Run this web server and pull data from it
- Test Viewer and its ability to pull data