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Jake Roggenbuck
Jake Roggenbuck
I am currently studying Computer Science

colorgradient-rs #


color grad

Install #

git clone
cargo install --path colorgradient-rs

Test #

cargo test

Code #

fn calculate_gradient(num: i64, original_colors: Vec<RGB>) -> Vec<RGB> {
    // Get the needed step value to fit the num of iterations in the original_colors length
    let step: f32 = (original_colors.len() as f32 - 1.0) / num as f32;
    let channels = get_channels(original_colors);
    let mut colors = Vec::<RGB>::new();

    for i in 0..num {
        // Use step to count up with index
        let x: f32 = i as f32 * step;
        let mut color = Vec::new();
        // Get each channel as a reference, use it as the known x values
        for channel in [&, &, &].iter() {
            // Add the y values found from the x value to the color
            color.push(find_y(x as f32, channel).abs());
        // Change the vector of colors to RGB structure, and add it to all the colors
    return colors;