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Quickly writeup and save drafts for messaging apps in your favorite editor

Why use Draft.vim

I often write important messages in a vim buffer before I send it.

  • The main reason for this is because it is simply faster.
  • The second reason is you might want syntax highlighting or auto formating.
  • Also, sometimes you want to write a message without worrying about accidentally sending it.



- Quickly open a new file, well named
- File contains attributes like date, title, and platform that can be searchable

Setup and Config

Make a drafts directory

- Add the command to setup a drafts directory
let g:drafts_directory = "/path/to/drafts/"

Optional, create a keybind for the commands

NewDraft Keybind

nnoremap <Leader>nd :call NewDraft()<CR>

ListDrafts Keybind

nnoremap <Leader>ld :call ListDrafts()<CR>

OpenDrafts Keybind

nnoremap <Leader>z :call OpenDrafts()<CR>



DraftOpen a blanck new draft
Draft "title"Open a draft with a title
DraftExt "extension"Change the file extension of a draft
DraftsOpen the draft directory in a buffer
DraftCopyCopy the contents of the draft to the clipboard

More info

- New draft: run `:Draft` or `:Draft "<Title>"` to auto name with the date and time
- Edit the file extension: run `:DraftExt .md` to change the file to markdown
- Open the drafts directory: run `:Drafts`
- Copy the contents of the current draft `:DraftCopy`
- Draft will open a new file in a specific directory, with a unique name
- The file will be based on a template with stuff like the title and datetime



Plug 'jakeroggenbuck/draft.vim'


Plugin 'jakeroggenbuck/draft.vim'


0.1 draft.vim - not fully functional, just a concept

  • Open a new draft with a name
  • List the draft but no reopening them

0.2 draft.vim - first complete version

  • Add OpenDrafts()
  • Add new command aliases Draft, DraftExt

0.3 draft.vim - more features

  • Add ClipDraft() or DraftCopy
  • Add Buffer reload for DraftExt

0.4 draft.vim - convert features

  • Add ConvertMDToHTML() for DraftToHTML
  • Add ConvertMDToPDF() for DraftToPDF
  • Add ConvertHTMLToPDF and ConvertToPDFFromTemplate() for DraftToTemplatePDF
  • Add template for html conversion
  • Change readme format a little
  • Add vimawesome link!

0.5 draft.vim - more features

  • Add DraftDragonPDF for DraftDragonPDF
  • Add DraftOpenPDF for OpenPDF
  • Add requirements


  • BUG: having certain symbols like ( or ) in the title break things like the DraftCopy
  • Make md to template pdf correctly do syntax highlight

Maybe TODO

  • Make a draft file type with metadata and parse out the metadata when opened in vim, then use this data to search for notes better and stuff, like have raw data for python to search better with