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Jake Roggenbuck
Jake Roggenbuck
I am currently studying Computer Science

flowerknight #

Overview #

This is a game we are making over the summer as a demo for our club. In the game, you are a knight who needs to protect and transport a flower.

Details #

We are using Java 16 and OpenGL

Contributing #

All PRs must have two reviews before merge, and changes to the code (things in src) must have a corresponding issue attached. All PRs must have one test at least, PRs are subject to added review specs, for example, “test on mac” or “test on all platforms”. You cannot mark as reviewed, or mark as tested if you have worked on a specific PR. Whoever you are encurraged to review PRs you added to, and are expected to test.

It’s always welcome to make new issues, and review PRs. We will assign issues to people, but you can also ask on the issue if you want to be assigned that issue.

Requirements #

The project is built using the latest version of Open Java Development Kit (Open JDK) java-latest-openjdk-devel

The current version the program supports Java version 16

Maximum backwards compatibility with JDK version 11