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Game Design Scoring Regression Model


The data that this model used to train is the csv ./point-weighting-combined-new.csv and was made in a spreedsheet

Building the model

Run the script ./ to build the model


To run the model that you built, this is all the code needed

from tensorflow import keras                                                   
import numpy as np                                                             
import csv                                                                     
from generate_model import get_data_Y, get_data_X                              
# Import the model made by ./                                 
model = keras.models.load_model('neural_network.model')                        
# Gets the data from the model generator file "./"            
X = get_data_X()                                                               
Y = get_data_Y()                                                               
def test_each_match():                                                         
    # Get the result actual win value, and the one predicted by the model      
    for x, y in zip(X, Y):                                                     
        # Predicts the Y value from a given X                                  
        result = model.predict(np.array([x]))                                  
        # Prints the values in the (actual, predict) format                    
        print(y[0], result[0][0])