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Jam #1

Welcome to the first langjam! We’re excited to get started.


The theme of the jam is “first-class comments”.

Getting started

To participate:

  • fork this repo
  • make a copy of the TEMPLATE directory
  • rename the copy to your team name (for example, if your team is “foobazers” rename TEMPLATE to foobazers)
  • update the TEAM file in the directory with the name of your team members. Team members should be listed by their GitHub username. The first username on the list of team members is the team captain (see below)
  • send a PR to add your team to the repo

Team names are “first come, first served” so if someone else takes your team name you’ll need to come up with a new one.

Once your team has a directory, you can submit your project.

Team names

Please keep your team names “family-friendly”. Sole discretion for what counts as “family friendly” is left up to JT, but if the name is safe/kid-friendly you should be fine.

One-person teams

If you are a single-person team, feel free to make up a team name or use your GitHub username as the team name, if it’s available.

Submitting your project

When you submit your project, send a PR that updates only your team’s directory and nothing else.

In the PR, submit:

  • your project’s source
  • a that describes how to build and use the project
  • sample files written in your language

Team captains

The team captains will be the ones responsible for sending the PR to submit your project.

Help, I’ve never used GitHub

You can read through the helpful hello world from GitHub. If you’ve never forked a repo, you can check out the GitHub forking tutorial.


The langjam begins at 7pm UK time 20th of August and runs for 48 hours. At 7pm UK time 22nd of August, we’ll end submissions for the jam. Make sure you have submitted your PR before this cut-off.


Judging will take place after the jam has ended. Once judging has concluded, we’ll pick a set of winning projects that will become part of a video on the Systems with JT YouTube channel.

You’re welcome to try out other projects. We’ll have a way to leave comments so you can share your thoughts and vote on which you liked best, too.

Other rules

General information about the langjam is available in the main langjam README.

Social media

If you like, you can tag your social media posts with #langjam2021 to help others find you.