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Jake Roggenbuck
Jake Roggenbuck
I am currently studying Computer Science


Logger #

A simple and fask logging library that uses the power of mongodb to save and query logs (with built in cli)

Cli #

# search
search <tag> <logger_name>
mongofastlogger search Info

# clear
clear <logger_name>
mongofastlogger clear

# log
log <tag> <message> <logger_name>
mongofastlogger log Info "This is a log message"

# view
view <logger_name>
mongofastlogger view

# export
export <filename> <logger_name>
mongofastlogger export filename.log

# last
last <metric> <amount> <logger_name>
mongofastlogger last hours 3

# help
find commands
python3 mongofastlogger

help with specific commands
mongofastlogger command --help

# other info
<logger_name> is optional and is 'logs' by default

Library #

from mongofastlogger import LogViewer, Logger

# Make logger
logger = Logger()
# Log message with tag of "Something"
logger.log("Something", "This is bad as well i guess but i dont actually know")
# Log message with tag of "Something" and display log in console
logger.log("Something", "This is a message", display=True)

# Make Viewer
viewer = LogViewer()
# Print all logs

# Search logs that have the tag "Something"
# Search logs in the last 3 days
viewer.check_by_time("days", 3)
# Export logs to example.log


# Make logger with name
production_logger = Logger("Production")
production_logger.log("Error", "Critical error in production")

# Make viewer with name
production_viewer = LogViewer("Production")

Todo #

Make readme more easy to read, especially comments in code and command line instructions
Make last use “amount metric” format because it is more intuitive
Make last have more time metrics, like month and year
Make actual docs for how to use this and its commands, and cli