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HEASARC and NEOSSat Data Viewer


By George Berdovskiy and Shuzheng (Tom) Zhang

Set up instructions:

  1. Install pip, see how to do it at
  2. Install flask using pip install flask
  3. Install packages using pip, you can see the full list in requirements.txt
    1. You can install them manually, or navigate to this directory in terminal/command prompt and type in:
      1. pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Navigate to directory nasa-spaceapps-2020/app_directory in terminal/command prompt
  5. Run the webapp using python
    1. If you see line Running on in the terminal, this indicates that the app is working
    2. If not, check for missing packages and dependencies
  6. Now go to your browser (We have only tested Firefox), and type in in the address bar
  7. The webapp should now be up and running