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This is list of programming languages I have made for learning. In each project there were many key takeaways that can be learned from. I will continue to add information and lessons learned from each project. I will also add a description of each project and what it accomplished.

jai [source] <- Latest

Jai is a programming language


plrs [source] (Lexer library)

The multi-tool of lexical analysis and tokenization. Make parsers in less time for many use cases.

f09f [source]

pronounced fonf; is a simple statically typed language with simple but powerful syntax


This one was my first lexer written in C++ and was very fast and robust. This is also a project where I did the first reimplementation of a lexer for the same lang. The reimplementation was in Rust, so it was also my first lexer in Rust.


mahou [source]


Mahou is my AP Computer Science create task for the 2020-21 year. Mahou is a source-to-source compiler, from a custom language to python. Mahou uses a lexer to find all of the tokens in the original source, then uses a parser to convert the source code into python.

Paper [source]

A simple programming language and its interpreter

Planck [source]

ice [source]

snow_script [source]

A simple and high/low macro lang, similar to pogscript with way nicer syntax

calcLex [source]

A test of lexing and yacc in python

cruz-lang [source]

Cruz Lang is a simple explicit static typed language.

pogscript [source]

A simple macro language