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  • 🔥 A central location for custom apps and extensions for spicetify-cli
  • 👀 More features
  • 🎉 Open source

How to add Custom Apps or Extensions to Spicetify

  1. Install spicetify-cli using the instructions found here
  2. Click on the green Clone or download button at the top right this repo and choose Download ZIP
  3. Unzip the .zip file
  4. Choose the app that you want and drag it out of the folder
  5. Open the spicetify-cli CustomApps folder (paths can be found below)
  6. Drag the custom app into the CustomApps folder
  7. Open config.ini and add the name of the custom app to the custom_apps line separated by the | character
custom_apps = reddit|genius|yourownapp
  • OR add the respective apps / extension by typing:
spicetify config extensions CustomAppOrExtensionName.js
  1. Run spicetify backup apply in the command line and Spicetify will install the app
  2. You’re set! 🎉

CustomApps Folder Paths

macOS~/spicetify_data/Themes OR$SPICETIFY_CONFIG/CustomApps
Linux~/.config/spicetify/CustomApps OR$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/.config/spicetify/CustomApps/

Want to contribute your custom app(s) to this repo?

Follow the instructions below or read the file!

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create another folder with your custom app name in all lower case with no symbols (dashes and underscores are okay) or spaces.
    • Ensure the files and folders don’t contain the word spicetify
  3. Copy the necessary files into the folder
  4. Create a in it with the following structure
# App Name

## Screenshots

[Put at least one image of the app working here]

## More

[Specify any dependencies, author name, and any other info about the custom app]
  1. (Optional) Add your name and custom apps or extensions to the file
    • If you decide to add your name, please use the following format
# Authors
### [Your name](link to website, GitHub profile, donation page, etc.)

- [Your custom app](link to repo)
     - Your custom app description and other info
  1. Open a Pull Request


  • If you run into any issues or need help troubleshooting any custom apps or extensions reach out to the Spicetify community on Spectrum

  • If there are bugs or you’d like to request a feature, open an issue using the respective template.


Licensed under the MIT License by Braxton Huff

If there is any other problem, please refer to the spicetify-cli wiki to help troubleshoot your problem.

Hopefully this helps improve your use of Spotifty and treats you well! Cheers!