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spicetify community themes

This is a collection of themes for spicetify, a command-line tool to customize Spotify; you can add your own theme simply by opening a Pull Requests (more info in the Contributions section).

You can find a preview of all the themes in the wiki.

Installation and usage

(If you use Arch Linux you can find this project on the AUR)

Once you cloned the repository you’ll need to put the files into the Themes folder. This varies between operating systems. The example shows the Themes directory for Linux. For other operating systems, see the Themes folder location here.

cd spicetify-themes
cp -r * ~/.config/spicetify/Themes

NOTE: to install Dribbblish and DribbblishDynamic follow the instructions in its README.

After that you can choose which theme to apply just by running spicetify config current_theme THEME_NAME. Some themes have 2 or more different color schemes. You can switch between them, once selected the theme, with spicetify config color_scheme SCHEME_NAME.


If you want to add your theme:

  • Fork this repository
  • Create another folder with your theme name. The theme name should consist of one word starting with an uppercase letter and shouldn’t contain spicetify or any whitespace in it; if a “-” is present in the name it must be followed by an uppercase letter.
  • Copy color.ini and user.css into it
  • Create a in it with the following structure

## Screenshots

[Put at least one image per color scheme here]

## More

[Specify any needed font; (optionally) author name and/or any other info about the theme]
  • Open a Pull Request

Thanks to all the contributors.


If you find problems when using or installing these themes, or you need help in modifying a theme use the Spectrum chat.

For bugs and requesting new features use the GitHub issues.

If you are unsure about which channel to use, go for Spectrum.

NOTE: Spotify ad-blocked version is not supported.